Games and Storytelling Presentation Slides

Here are the slides from my Games and Storytelling presentation delivered on May 9th as part of the Tribeca Film Institutes Moving Image Blueprint education workshop. Special thanks to Colleen Macklin for the excellent keynote and Chainmakers activity that served as a great icebreaker at the beginning of the workshop. The 20 or so attendees promptly ignored the game rules and ended up in one big chain – they started modding before the workshop even began!

After the presentation we played Ayiti, the Cost of Life and had a fruitful discussion.

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    1. Andrew Gardner Post author

      Hi Arnold, so glad that you found the slides useful and I appreciate that you asked for permission to copy the text! I’d prefer that you either embed the slideshow directly and provide credit and a link to this site. Also, please let me know which site you’re working on.

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